20 Genius Autumn Cleaning Tips You Will Love

autumn cleaning tips

20 Genius Autumn Cleaning Tips You Will Love

Autumn has sprung and the time to tackle those little tasks that you’ve ignored throughout the winter has finally arrived. Here are a few tips to help you blast through the most annoying Autumn cleaning jobs with a smile on your face.

1. Shower Heads & White Vinegar

This classic tip still holds up today; if you have a shower head that’s covered in limescale and sputtering more than flowing, white vinegar is your biggest ally. Just fill a sandwich bag with this readily available product, tie it around the offending shower head and let it soak for a couple of hours before wiping off the residue.

2. Cleaning Cutting Boards

Cutting boards can get dull, dingy and stained with use, so bring the sparkle back using a scouring sponge to rub the surface with the juice of half a lemon and a little salt. This acts like an exfoliating scrub and will work wonders.

3. Remove Carpet Stains with an Iron

Stains can make carpeting look shabby, but if you place a damp cloth on the offending area then run a hot iron over it, the dried-on dirt will come away much more easily.

4. The Perfect Mattress Clean


mattress cleaning tipIf your mattress needs a bit of a post-winter refresh, vacuum the surface, apply a light dusting of baking soda to it, then wait for a couple of hours and vacuum it again to make it clean and inviting again.

5. Ultimate Microwave Clean

Food splashes and spills can leave the inside of your microwave looking grim, but all you need to do to clean it up is place a measuring jug containing equal amounts of water and white vinegar inside it and set the timer for two minutes of full powered heating. This will make it straightforward to clean off the sticky remnants of all those ready meals.

6. Cleaning Toys En Masse

Tiny fingers can leave favourite toys looking a right state, so rather than cleaning each action figure individually, pop them all in the dishwasher and set it for a quick cycle at a low temperature.

7. Cleaning the Coffee Maker

Even modern coffee machines which have their own cleaning cycles can need a more intensive cleaning session each year. Vinegar is your best friend again, combined with an equal amount of water in the brewing chamber. Let half of the mixture percolate through, then switch the machine off for half an hour.

Once it has been left to work its magic, let the rest run through the filter. Flush everything out with two full loads of plain water and it should be good as new, making great-tasting coffee again.

8. Genius Blind Cleaning Tip


blind cleaning tipAre dusty, dirty blinds getting you down? Grab a clean sock that’s past its prime, mix up our handy water and vinegar wonder-liquid and soak a little into the material, then give each of the slats a thorough wipe. To avoid smearing, use another sock to dry the blinds and bring back their natural sheen.

9. A Bagel & a Painting

If you’ve got some artwork hanging on your walls that have picked up grime over time, you might not think that there is any way to clean it effectively without damaging the precious paint. The good news is that there is a solution, which comes in the form of a faithful bagel.

Cut this chewy baked treat in half, then gently rub the exposed inner surface over any paintings you own. The dirt will be picked up while leaving the art undamaged.

10. Cleaning Your Blender

Having to clean out a blender can be a nightmare, but you might not realise that these useful appliances can actually clean themselves. Fill the main blending chamber with hot water from the tap, then pop a couple of drops of washing up liquid in as well and run the blender for a few short blasts. The interior should be purged of the worst gunk and you can then rinse the rest out without putting your fingers at risk.

11. The Perfect Toothbrush Tip

Rather than having to splash out on a new toothbrush unnecessarily, you can keep your current brush looking fresh by submerging it in water and white vinegar. This time you need to use two parts water to one part vinegar, otherwise you’ll end up with a toothbrush that leaves a bad taste in your mouth. Half an hour of soaking should do the trick, followed by a thorough rinse off in cold tap water.

12. Other Uses for your Toothbrush

An old toothbrush is a versatile spring cleaning tool for a lot of different jobs, so don’t throw out yours once it is past its prime. Use it to tackle problem spots, such as bathroom tiles, grimy kitchen corners, dirt-caked trainers, cabinets and everything in between. Just remember that a brand new toothbrush might have bristles that are a bit too tough for cleaning purposes, which is why older examples are a better option.

13. Cleaning the Dishwasher

You might assume that your dishwasher keeps itself clean from day to day, but you’d be wrong. Food debris, lime scale and dirt can build up over time, which makes annual or even monthly cleaning a good idea.

You’ll need to take out the internal racking and check for any obvious deposits of unwanted detritus, then replace everything and put a bowl filled with vinegar into it and run a quick wash cycle. Once this is complete, take out the bowl and tip a cupful of baking soda into the bottom surface, before running another quick cycle. This should leave the interior looking immaculate and let you keep your crockery and cutlery in pristine condition with every wash.

14. Cleaning the Oven Without Harsh Chemicals

Pungent oven-cleaning sprays are ten a penny, but they’re hardly environmentally friendly, kind to your skin or fun to use in a food preparation area. Thankfully you can use a Magic Eraser from Mr Clean to turn a greasy oven into a gleaming example of good housekeeping with nothing more than water to lift the dirt. You won’t believe how effective this product is at battling burnt-on bits of a hundred Sunday roasts.

15. Fan Blades Cleaning

Standing on your tiptoes or a step ladder to dust the blades of a ceiling fan can be frustrating, not just because of the effort involved but also because a lot of the dirt can end up falling straight into your eyes and mouth. Yuck!

fan blades cleaningDon’t fall victim to this; instead, just grab an old pillowcase, open it up and place it over the blades one at a time, wiping away the dust in a swift motion and keeping all of it within the case, rather than allowing it to drift down and ruin the rest of the room.

16. Vacuum with Intelligence

Get smart about how you use your vacuum cleaner, as you don’t need to drag every bit of furniture out of a room to suck up the dust that has settled underneath it over the course of the year. Instead just move one item at a time, vacuuming the spot it sat on as you go, then replacing it and moving on to the next large feature. It’ll save you time and effort, no matter the size of your house.

17. Remove Pet Hairs with Rubber Gloves

Pet hair gets everywhere and can be a pain to pick up, even using a vacuum cleaner. The simple solution is to slip on a pair of rubber gloves and rub them over any surfaces where hairs have congregated. The surface of the gloves is like a magnet for hair and you’ll quickly collect handfuls of the stuff, which you can then pop in the bin.

18. Weekly Bedding Rotation

The sheets, duvet covers and pillowcases you sleep in each night are prone to collecting dead skin, hair and other bodily bits and pieces. That’s why you should wash your bedding on a weekly basis if you want it to stay clean and fresh. When it comes to duvets and pillows themselves, which obviously can’t be machine washed, in the spring you can take them into the garden and give them a good shake to dislodge the dust that has accumulated.

19. Cleaning the Oven Naturally

If you want to concoct your own, all-natural oven cleaning product then grab a bowl and use it to combine water and a spoonful or two of baking soda so that it makes a rough paste. Apply this to the dirty surfaces of the oven and leave it to do its dirt-fighting work. The longer you leave it, the better the results.

oven cleaning tipsOnce the paste has been wiped off the oven, use our old friend water mixed with vinegar to spray into the oven and provide a final wipe down that will leave it sparkling.

20. Finally, Follow a System

Cleaning pros don’t go about their jobs willy-nilly; they have a plan of action and they follow it to the letter. You should be the same with your spring cleaning each year. Take the time to write down what needs doing and prioritise tasks which will take the most time but deliver the biggest results.

Don’t get too bogged down with the details, and remember to invest in products and equipment that will make your life easier. If our tips are anything to go by, you’ll need a healthy amount of white vinegar and baking soda to hand!

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