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Our Clean Promise


How many cleaning agencies really love what they do? Well, we can’t speak for anyone else, but we have a lot of passion for the art of getting a space to look its best. We’d call ourselves old-fashioned, were it not for the eco-driven innovations that drive our work.


Let’s just say that a bit of elbow grease isn’t a bad thing. We rise to the challenge of any cleaning job, big or small, that comes our way. By combining excellent customer service, attention to detail, and a passion for cleaning, freshcleaning is a first choice for cleaning.


Obsessive, compulsive, and honest about it


We take pride and joy in our OCD philosophy. Unwaveringly thorough, we cast an eagle eye to every cleaning task when freshening up your commercial or domestic interior. Our full cleaning reports detail everything we’ve accomplished on site, and we attack every mission with the same vigour and attentiveness.


Putting you first


We’re so proud of our impact and our high standards, that we encourage you to rate our service online. There’s no use claiming to be the best if we can’t prove it, is there?


Bespoke solutions are paramount to a reputation that’s worth what we put into it. Our cleaners will listen to any requirements you have, tailoring each job to specific customers and premises.

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